Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Head is in the Stars

I'm continuing an old series that began months ago.

Many people ask me frequently, "What does this mean?".
Well, I will tell you right now what this means.
It ties into the whole quote from a movie called Harold & Maude;
"The Earth is my body, my head is in the stars."
The way I interpret the first part of this quote is how we can be grounded, one with nature, and growing. But our minds go far off, which is the second part. There is an unlimited amount of capacity for our minds. We are able to dream, think, and decide on actions. This series ties into that - being universal, day-dreaming, and wanting to be somewhere else. We as humans, get into that state of mind more often then we think. We're always dreaming for something, or spacing out. These photos represent that, and on how universal our minds are.


Thank you to my friends Nikki & Chelsea for modeling.

These first ones are hand developed and printed in the dark room by me: